Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ulwark and Packs

 In this post, I'll talk about my adventures fighting Ulwark, Cuthulla, and Eeglis as well as the new Knight's Lore pack. Special thanks to Heather Raven for the crowns!

So I finally got to fighting Ulwark in the Grotto.
Fire wizards, never try solo'ing him. He has a huge resist, and a huge power pip chance.
I unfortunately made the mistake of doing so.
How does this even WORK?
After I defeated Ulwark, I learned... Cuthulla.
Power Link is a really great thing to use on Cuthulla, as well as storm shields. Power Link causes damage but heals you, and storm traps are mandatory when fighting a storm class monster.
So after defeating Cuthulla, I went onto  Eeglis. It was no surprise to me that he was an eel!
...He's happy?

And so I finished with an alarming bit of health.

Also, a new pack came out today! Twitter was EXPLODING about the Knight's Lore pack available in the crowns shop.
Luckly, I was given a code by Heather Raven  (thank you, thank you, so much!!) to get some crowns. Not only were there crowns, but there was this sweet pet:
 Afterwards, you can bet what I did with those crowns.
I won't share my spoils, it will only make other jealous. So I must end the post here!
Thanks for reading,
Amber Rosepetal

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