Thursday, July 19, 2012

Amy and Celestia

 In this post I talk about FL cockroaches in my home, my life wizard Amy Goldblood and her adventures in Celestia, and my lack of sleep. Also, I have one follower--hooray!

So hello everyone! I just want to get out that this post may not be 100% great-- I'm dog tired from an incident last night.
What happened was there was this 'proach after we finished cleaning house. There's always one, of course. Our house is practically jinxed. This time, it showed up in my room while I was saying bedtime prayer and about to go read.. So I ran and got the dad, exterminator in a can Raid. We searched the entire room, no cockroach. I was with heebiejeebies the rest of the night, which resulted in me falling alseep at nearly 2AM.
Well, last night the cockroach made another appearence. At night, the house is so silent we can hear a pin drop on the tiles--we've tested it. So, while trying to sleep I heard a strange noise like static and a baggie. It went on a bit, I kept thinking I was my imagination because we couldn't find that roach. Finally I got fed up and went to search for the thing making the noise, and turned on the flashlight to the culprit: MR ROACH. That thing was hit with Raid so many times, I think I used too much. :P

Anyways, afterwards I couldn't sleep. My brain was having one of those nights, and I ended up falling asleep at roughly 4AM, waking up the rest of the night on and off.
....So now you all understand what goes on when I get a roach in my room.

On the other hand in-game, I've been working on Amy Goldblood, my life character.
She's actually got a story to how she got her school, pink hair and blue eyes.
I was playing with a friend one day, we were at my house doing random stuff on the computer. She asked me what W101 was, so I showed her and told her to make a character, play it normally and try it.
Well, Amy is the product of that.
Lately I've been playing Amy more  to get her leveled up and tricked out. However, there's been some trouble: life doesn't have an AoE until later on, around level 58, so I was pretty much in trouble until then. I finally defeated Optio Agenor, who was bugging me for weeks because I couldn't defeat him.
I level to 52!

Thanks for reading,
Amber Rosepetal
/Amy Goldblood

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