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I play Wizard101 as my first game by Kingsisle. That's what most of this is about! It's a great game not just for family and little kids. You can defeat monsters, go on quests, make friends, and much more. I've been playing this game for a little over three years, and even though I find myself quitting sometimes I end up coming back again. With W101, you're not addicted. You can pay for a membership for for ingame crowns https://kingsisle.hs.llnwd.net/e1/image/free/Wizard/Players-Guide/Currency/crownsiconnew.gif?v=1 and pay by area. After you pay for an area with crowns, you have it FOREVER! However this method is a bit more expensive.
You can play Wizard101 FREE for the first world. After that, you need to buy a membership or crowns to go to other worlds. Posts tagged with Wizard101 have news, ideas, screenshots, contests and MORE!


Pirate101 is still in the works. It's the sister game to Wizard101, and people are already excited about it! Our very own The Friendly Necromancer has been selected to work at Kingsisle and to be the P101 community manager! Posts tagged with Pirate101 have news, screenshots and more for it. This section will be updated soon! I may or may not get seriously into P101, but I want to try it in Beta first.
August 3rd, 2012: Pirate101 went into closed beta! Beta keys were sent out to various e-mail addresses. Check those e-mails, all!


Kingsisle Entertaimnemt is the deleloper of both P101 and W101. From commercials, to games, to anything else they have their fun with the games. kingsisle is really good with community, unlike Blizzard from World of Warcraft can be (though, that's a matter of opinion).

J Todd Coleman began sharing pictures of P101 on his Facebook page these past months. 

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