Saturday, August 25, 2012

Still Awaiting That Beta Key...

So, humongofrogs. Seriously. I've been playing my entire summer out on Minecraft. This isn't good.
...But, what is there to do without the membership of Wizard101?
Still awaiting my beta key...

Friday, August 3, 2012


Hey guys--I can't tell you if I got picked or not, but I will tell you--Pirate101 is in "closed beta".

Pirate101 is in closed beta!
What is closed beta?
Closed beta is where you sign up to test the game before it is released to the general public. You get to see all the bugs, glitches, and maybe even things that won't make it into the live game!
How can I get into this closed beta?
Are you in the closed beta? If so, can you tell us some more stuff about P101?
Unfortunately, I am unable to even say if I got into P101 Beta. Due to some legal stuff, even if I am in I cannot share pictures or hints or anything. Remember: beta is for testing, not spoilers! The only pictures I can share is the ones from J Todd Coleman's direct Facebook link. 
I wantz my betaz keyz!
Don't we all?
Also, I'm updating the P101 page. Hugs!
Thanks for reading,
Amber Rosepetal