Staying Safe Online

Staying safe online is a really important thing these days. Hackers, scammers, botters, and preadators often stalk the interent, ruining all the good things in here. However, hooray! There are ways to protect you from these bad people.
Firstly though, you should know what these people really are.

Hackers: are people who literally get your username and password and ruin your account for something. Hacking is a really common thing these days, because even the big name company's (such as Yahoo!) have it happen.
Scammers: are out there purely to get your personal information. They want your money! They will try to ask you about your credit card information, your money information, anything in order to get money.
Botters: are known for the spam section of an e-mail inbox. Like scammers, they want your money. However, botters tend to send out e-mails and fake links to sites that could really harm your computer, such as a site that would put a virus on your computer and crash it!
Predators: stay away from them! They're people who want to know your personal information--such as where you live, what your age and name is, your IP address, anything! You often hear stories on the news about these guys. If you want to know more, ask an adult. They're best at explaining these things.

So how can I stay safe from all these bad people, you ask? Well, it's easy!
  • Don't give out any personal information. Don't give your name, your address, your IP, your age, your password, your username, or anything you wouldn't want a hobo to know.
  • In your e-mail inbox, don't open any e-mails marked with spam. Scan the titles, but nothing more! I usually just delete everything without looking.
Some more tips and information about staying safe online can be found here:

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