Sunday, July 22, 2012

How Do You Burn Rock?

 In this post I talk about how I went to Mercenaries for Hire's MMM event, question physics (again), and level up along with little things.

While writing this, I was listening to the entire American Idiot album. I won't link it because it's not quite clean, but it makes blogging... interesting.

So, over this weekend I decided to actually do something on my characters. I went to M4H's Magma Mega Madness farming events. I had some interesting events with Rubble Rousers. Y'know, the works.
For some reason, I felt like burning things so I went ahead and did a quest, grabbing some free ExP. My question is: how do you burn rock? If so, will it just turn into magma? How do you burn magma?
Pretty much.
Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the M4H event.

 Not only did I quest on Amber, I worked on the other Amber, Amber Rain! She's my storm wizard. I leveled her up to 32 over the weekend. Accomplishment!
I also FINALLY defeated Optio Agenor. Amy has trouble with him. I happily kicked his tail-fins and leveled to 52.
That's pretty much all I got through, so I wasn't completely lazy and bored this weekend.
Thanks for reading,
Amber Rosepetal
(and Amy Goldblood and Amber Storm)

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